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UnionPay Campaign September 23, 2017 - November 30, 2017

Enjoy fabulous discounts by using your UnionPay card at the participating shops.
Enjoy Tokyo sightseeing by visiting popular spots where you can experience the culture, cuisine, fashion, and events all at once.

8% OFF + 8% Tax Free

* Some sale items may be excluded.
* This offer cannot be combined with other services, coupons, discounts and also cannot be combined with various restaurant courses.
* Some discount information may be subject to change.
* A designated coupon is required to be shown for VenusFort.

UnionPay Campaign

Enjoy fabulous discounts by using your UnionPay card at the participating shops.

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Roppongi HillsTokyo City View

300yen discount on Adult Entry Fee when paying by UnionPay card ( ¥1,800 → ¥ 1,500)

At a height of 250m above sea level, "TOKYO CITY VIEW" is a world class observatory overlooking the city. On the outdoor observatory deck named "Sky Deck" where you can feel the dynamic scenery and wind, feel the view to your heart which changes by the hour from the skies of the afternoon to the night view to the starry skies.
* Sky Deck: Additional fee required

Customers with UnionPay Platinum Card and Diamond Card,
Can Enter the Sky Deck for FREE!!

UnionPay Diamond UnionPay Platinum

The Rooftop Sky Deck is the city's greatest open area observation deck located 270 meters above sea level.
* For the safety of our customers, in the case of strong winds (over 10m/s), rain, snow, approaching thunder clouds, extreme high temperatures, smog, and so on, we will temperarily close the observation deck and entry will not be allowed.

Sky Deck
Tokyo City View
* Some information may be subject to change.

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